is the most reliable local company specilaised in Due Diligence, Pre Employment Screening and Corporate Investigation. We provide professional broadbased investigative service to companies and individual operating locally or internationally.

We are experience dcorporate investigators,Certified Fraud Examiners,Ex Law Enforcement Director,Ex Anti Corruption Director,Ex Central Bank Manager,Ex Customs Senior Officers, Accurate Reporting,confidentiality guaranteed with utmost integrity, very good local contacts and reliable sources in various fields...





  • In today's complex world market place proper due diligence is the key to risk avoidance.

  • A company or individual considering a new business partner, financial relationship with new entity,joint venture or the appointment of new key executive must have all the facts. We can provide these facts through a confidential fact finding investigation and relevant contacts


    • hey are conducted to confirm information found on an employment application or curriculum vitae.
    • They conducted as a way to further differentiate potential employees and pick the one the employer feels is best suited for the position.According to research about 87% of people applying for a job lie on the application form.
    • The majority are lying about salaries, qualifications and experience and 25% of the liars are concealing something far more serious - such as a criminal convictionCORPORATE INVESTIGATION
      • Fraud and corruption employees are the most complex and challenging issues facing the world today.
      • Fraud can cause major financial damage and serious reputational risks.
      • We offer a wide range of Corporate Investigation services to our corporate clients relating to kickback secret commissions,internal fraud,violations of law,regulations and company policies .
        Your company requires local experts with investigative skill and experience to assist you.