• Industry estimates suggest that the cost of corporate fraud totals approximately a trillion dollars each year. In order to protect companies from these extraordinary losses, Interfor provides the investigative resources and forensic accounting specialists to uncover white-collar fraud and analyze the resulting evidence

    Fraud takes on many forms. Fraud,corruption employee & commercial disputes are the most complex issues facing business world today. They can cause in major financial damage, as well as serious reputational and regulatory risks.


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  • Conduct a through investigating corruption, secrect,commissions,financial,investigation,fraud, violations of law and company regulations.

  • Gathering evidence in litigation, commercial disputes and for defence ating concealedor hidden assets
    • Investigating the theft of intellectual property and counterfeiting.
  • Professional fraud investigations require interviewing potential witnesses, people with information on a particular case, The objective of an interview in a fraud situation is to gather facts related to potential motives on the part of the perpetrator, and to verify opportunities presented to the perpetrator for committing a fraud.
  • The team, which has many years experience, consists of world-class commercial fraud investigators and interviewers, highly trained surveillance and undercover operatives and former government officers who are well acquainted with the requirements of discreet enquiry.
  • Their vast experience has been gained from service within Anti Corruption Agency,the Police Force, Royal Customs & Excise Investigation Division, military and government intelligence and security services as well as Certified Fraud Examiners. Akhbar s President ACFE Malaysia Chapter and ex Anti Corruption Agency Director.