• In today's complex global market proper due diligence is the key to risk avoidance.The risks inherent in today’s business transactions are greater than ever before A company or individual considering a new business partner,financial relationship with new entity,joint venture or the appointment of new key executive must have all the facts.We can provide these facts through a confidential fact finding investigations.

    Are you buying a business or going into a partnership?Are you considering an acquisition or investment opportunity? Are you hiring a consultant,contractor, or other specialist? Do you know the background of the other people involved? Are there civil actions pending?Are they facing bankrupcy charges? Before you sign a contract, be certain you have conducted thorough "Due Diligence" to make the best and right decision.



  • Akhbar Corporate Integrity Services can discretely conduct a background check and look behind the scenes and provide the information and facts that
    may save you thousands of dollars before you invest your money and place your company in jeopardy through bad investments.
  • Before making critical business decisions involving an unknown entity,our investigators can uncover information relating to the financial condition of any business or individual including criminal activity,executive backgrounds,past business deals,financial viability,patterns of conduct,relationships and associations.We can provide the intelligence necessary to minimize risk,exposure and maximizing your success.
  • Business agreements may be influenced on expectations and anticipation rather than verified business relationships or financial data. Our due diligence services help financial institutions, corporations, partnerships and individuals minimize risk in their transactions and undertakings

    • The information provided on business partners, political and business environments, employees, competitors or prospective businesses is gathered in line with the highest quality and ethical standards.
    • Most of the local foreign corporate risk companies use our service to conduct due diligence,
    • Akhbar Corporate Integrity Services management has a longstanding, international experience in the risk consulting sector. This experience has been acquired during years of work for international leading companies operating in the area of risk management.Our reports are concise, factual and professionally prepared and have become a cornerstone of our success.